River Fishing Report for June 2018

River Fishing Report For June 2018

When I think about my river fishing report for June 2018 a few things come to mind. Small fish, small lures, broken lures and mosquitoes. Over the last five or so years through the ups and downs of my pursuits into fishing one of the things that I always looked forward too is the opening weeks of the river season.

The opening week of the 2018 river season have proven to be both frustrating and fun at the same time. Frustrating because I have been unsuccessful in targeting large perch and chub. Then fun because I have enjoyed catching good numbers of perch on a new tactic..  So, let’s get into the meat of my river fishing report for June 2018.

On the opening day I agreed to meet the man that introduced me into fishing, my uncle. We met at 4am at our local stretch of the Great Ouse. This stretch has produced over the years several 3lb perch for me and for my uncle several 6lb and 5lb chub. Having not spent much time targeting chub on lures I took advice from my uncle. The theory is simple but putting into practice successfully is another thing all together.Small perch from fiver fishing report for June 2018

The theory on catching chub with lures is this. Cast small surface and sub surface crankbaits with fat bodies and white bellies in front of overhanging trees and structure. Then let the current of the river drag the lure just past the structure. As it passes the structure start to reel back your lure. At this point you should get your bites. There it is as simple as that. Believe it or not this is how my uncle does it and we call him the “Chub Whisperer”

I must have made hundreds of casts targeting the back pockets of structure with not even a sniff of chub that morning. My uncle however, following me up stream and fishing water I had fished had no less than 4 chub up to 3lbs. I only managed 4-5 small perch the whole session. I was just please not to blank in the hot sun and blue sky.

On the second trip I met my cousin at the river Nene a new water for me. In short, we all had a miserable day only catching small chub and small perch. Regardless of lure type or size we could not buy a big bite. We both knew that the stretch we fished has the capacity to produce big 2lb+ perch and even bigger chub.  Taking one positive from the day would be catching my perch using a lure that I have not tried for perch before. A simple trout worm.

The lure choice for river fishing report for June 2018
The lure of choice during June 2018. A 3″ Trout Worm from Big Bite Baits in pro blue colour on a 5g size 2 jig head.

For the third trip of my river fishing report for June 2018 I took myself back to the local stretch of the Great Ouse determined to land a chub using the tactics my uncle had outlined to me.  This turned out to be a day of perch again on the trout worm. Not a chub to be seen on the crankbaits. So, I may not be able to give any guidance or advice on how to catch chub therefore I sure can give you one good piece of advice when fishing rivers in summer.

Either cover your body from head to toe or invest in a bottle of mosquito repellent. I have never been so full of lumps from mosquito bites as I have been over the last few trips.

For my most recent outing for the river fishing report for June 2018 I headed back to the river Nene. A different stretch and again with my cousin and his mate to target big chub.  This was probably the most frustrating of all the trips as we could see big numbers of large chub because they were casually roaming the margins it proved to be another small perch affair for me.

In summary the chub do not seem to like the way I am fishing for them and the big perch have not shown up at all. Therefore I can’t put this down to the lovely warm weather we are having or the world cup football.“if it were that easy it would be called catching not fishing” comes to my mind when I think about the fishing in June. Having written the last few sentences I am still ever positive that I will achieve my fishing goals this summer and I hope you all do too.

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