2022 A Fresh start to lure fishing
My Fisherman's Tale

2022 A Fresh Start to Lure Fishing

I have come into the new year with new enthusiasm and drive to make the most of every day and every opportunity. 2022 a fresh start to lure fishing. If you have seen any of […]

Fishing in 2021
My Fisherman's Tale

Fishing In 2021

Over the years in one form or another I have reflected on the previous year’s highlights and lowlights. Fishing in 2021 was a year to re-group for me.  Off the back of a hard 2020 […]

Lure Fishing Tackle

The G Force Shad and Swimbait Rod

Big Lures Require Big Rods Fishing with large lures is a must when I am targeting Pike. Big lures need big rods like the G force Shad and Swimbait Rod.   I have learnt the hard […]

UK Lure Fishing

Anglers Paradise Lure Weekend 2019

This was the second time I participated in the annual Anglers Paradise Lure weekend. My first being in 2017. Here is my blow by blow account.  What is the Anglers Paradise Lure weekend?  It is […]

Highlights from the BIG ONE 2019
UK Lure Fishing

Highlights from the Big One 2019

Welcome back. I thought it would be a good idea to explain what the Big One 2019 was and what I was doing there before I go into what the highlights were for me.  The […]