4Street Urban Fishing by Quantum

4Street Urban Fishing

There is a new kid on the urban lure fishing block. 4Street Urban Fishing by Quantum is here. I think there is some really important and exciting items in this new brand that I want to talk about.

When I think about urban fishing, I think one rod, one reel, a small bag of fishing tackle, man made canals and shopping trollies. If you spend any reasonable amount of time urban fishing on rivers and canals you know why I say shopping trollies. For those that don’t it’s only a matter of time before you snag your own P.B Tesco or Asda special.  

I think about finesse styles of fishing. Keeping your presentations neat, tidy and compact. Techniques such as dropshot, shaky head and wacky rig also come to mind. It’s that angler and style of fishing that 4Street has been created for. Whilst Urban or street fishing has been around and popular for several years Quantum had been missing that party. That’s all changed now. 4Street urban fishing by Quantum launched in April 2019 has all that the modern urban angler needs. 

You can see the whole range online here

Firstly Tungsten

I want to bring your attention to a few items that I think are pretty cool. Firstly all of the terminal tackle that includes jigjeads, bullet weights, cheburashka, split shot and shaky heads are tungsten. So why is that important? Well tungsten for a start is a lot more dense than lead. The actual size of a tungsten weight is more compact than a lead one. This naturally helps with producing a more finesse presentation. Tungsten is considered more eco friendly than lead too which is really great. I will also say that tungsten is usually a lot more expensive than lead. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you find that the 4Street tungsten items have been really well priced. 

Second is the Arm Out Landing Net

A compact, lightweight folding and extendable landing net called “Arm Out” is also s very import item in the 4Street Urban fishing range. Extending out to 4.10m and comes included with a cleaver built in clip so that it can easily be stored on your belt of tackle bag. Having used the net for just over a month now on at least 5 short rover sessions I am happy to recommend the quality too. The very best thing about this net is the affordability. It has been very well priced and I am sure you will see this in the tackle shops once it circulates more. 

Finally ThinKing fishing Rod

For my final selection of what’s important it has to be the “thin king” fishing rod. A beautiful 2 piece rod that divides opinion. It had all the top end components that you would expect to find in a premium 2 piece rod. The 6ft 9inch (2.06m)  40 ton graphite fast action blank that is rated 3-18g casting is paired with Fuji guides and reel seat and a ergonomically shaped camphor wood handle. It’s this camphor wood handle that I think divides opinion. It’s not the first time I have seen a wooden handle but I think it looks really cool. I know other anglers don’t think it’s that cool. Overall the qualities of this rod should make it a serious consideration for any angler in that sector of the market. I personally use it on my local rivers and use it for casting anything from crankbaits to Dropshot fishing it handles it all very well. 

4Street Urban Fishing Range

There is obviously a wider and very worthy range to consider from the 4Street Urban Fishing from soft plastics, bladed baits, tackle bags and clothing but I have chosen the 3 top things that stand out for me. If you want to follow them on social media you can do so on their Instagram page link here. Look out for their future tackle releases as there is plans to increase the range. If it follows the same feel of the current range it’s bound to be really exciting. I have also linked below a few online tackle shops that are stocking 4Street Urban Fishing tackle that I can recommend having used them before myself. 

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Thanks for reading I hope you will find some value in this. Please feel free to comment below or ask a question here. Even get in touch through social media Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter


As a team angler in the UK for Quantum I naturally  have a positive opinion on what they do by writing the above I do not receive any benefits from them. This is solely my own personal opinion.

Where can I buy 4Street Urban Fishing Tackle From?

Todber Manor Lure Division Fishing online shop
BobCo Fishing Tackle