Fish Catch LogDo you want a Fish Catch Log?

I have created this simple  Fish catch log for myself and you are more than welcome to use it for free with no strings attached.

How does this Fish Catch Log Work?

Simple – Provided you have an internet connection fill in your catch details below. This includes a few mandatory fields so that the system can email your catch details directly too you to keep forever. This Fish Catch Log is especially useful if you want to remember some of the key points of information like date, time and location for use when planning another fishing trip.



Other important information

  • What happens if you lose your Fish Catch Log?  Email [email protected] and I will email your catch log to you.
  • What happens to your Fish Catch Log data? When you enter the details on to the log it is stored and not shared with any organisation or individual for any reason. I will not contact you directly either. The data will only be called up if you request it directly.
  • Why does Fish Catch Log work slowly some times? This is a free to use catch log so I use the most cost effective servers – IF you would like to see it work faster you are free to make a donation to upgrade the servers.
  • Who can use this Fish Catch Log? Anyone there is no restrictions. It is meant to be a useful and fun tool to use to help you with your fishing.
  • Can you make suggestions or give feedback? Yes in the comments box below you can leave your feedback and comments.

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