UK Lure Fishing in 2014

Yes the UK lure fishing in 2014 is really taking off with the advent of the Fox Rage British Lure Angling Championship and now the announcement of the England Lure Team trials which will be taking place to select a squad to travel to France at the end of the year to compete against the rest of the world for the second year running. This really is exciting times for UK Lure fishing in 2014.

British Lure Angling Championships 2014

What the Fox Rage British Lure Fishing Championship represents for the UK Lure Fishing in 2014 is a serious competition that gives you the opportunity to win some real money and kudos as the first person to be crowned the Fox Rage British Lure Fishing Champion. There will be 9 qualifying events up and down the country with the final taking place at the great Chew valley reservoir. I will be fishing in five of these events myself to ensure that I give myself every opportunity to qualify for the final. For more information please visit the official British Lure Fishing Championship.

Team England Lure Squad Trials

The most important UK Lure fishing in 2014 for me will be the Team England Lure Squad trials. These will be held over two weekends and four days of competition with the top three pairs and six anglers to impress the selection panel going on to the grand final on Llangorse lake. From these events a team will be selected to fish in the 2014 World Championships in the south of France. Why is this the most important UK Lure fishing in 2014 for me? Well there is a number of reasons but most importantly it gives me the opportunity to be able to really put my knowledge and skills to the test versus what will probably be a field of the best UK Lure fishing enthusiasts and at the end I will know where I stand amongst the best, hopefully being able to represent my country at the end.

Both of these Lure Fishing tournaments represent a giant leap forward in catching up to the rest of the worlds Lure fishing communities. Most of the the countries that I have visited and fished in all have various tournaments for different levels of skill. The foundations to grow tournament lure angling in the UK have finally been set. Proof of this will only come in time but for now you can see from the releases on the Fox Rage British Lure Fishing Championship website there has been a good number of anglers sign up.

I will keep you all updated on My Fisherman’s Tale for the UK Lure Fishing In 2014 so be sure to sign up on my subscription page to be emailed the latest releases. Not only will I be talking about the Techniques and Tackle that I use but I will also be talking about the venues and the fish that I catch. As I said at the start I am really looking forward to fishing the UK Lure Fishing in 2014.  To all those who will be competing I wish you tight lines and bring it on.

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  1. Hi A Fisherman’s Tale
    I hope you don’t mind me messaging you, but I hoped, as you are interested in the Team England Lure Squad, you may be able to help them. Cheeky, I know, but if you could either share the link somehow on your page or a very small personal donation to help them get to the World Championships in France this October please – that would be great! Anything, no matter how small will help as we’d like to get the message out there to as many people as possible so hopefully, even one or two pounds from each person will see their target reached. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you have just a few more minutes to click on the link below and make a small pledge or share this on your page – thanks again!…

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