Tungsten vs Lead – My Experience

Tungsten Vs Lead for fishing

Only recently I have started using some tungsten weights instead of lead. Here is my take on Tungsten vs Lead. 

As a fan of competitive fishing I first heard about tungsten weights when watching the American Bass elite series a few years ago. I remember the angler really talking up just how awesome their skirted jigs were now that they were weighted by tungsten. I did not pay much attention at the time. Soon it was being written about and talked about in Tungsten vs Lead articles and interviews all over the www. 

These Tungsten vs Lead publications had some really consistent themes. Fast forward a few years and it has made its way into my tackle box and only by chance. I have been comfortable using my usual weights be that lead or steel and throughout my fishing life I have never really paid much attention to weight material. I have only really been concerned about weight for the rate of fall it gets and the hook size if it is a jig. Whilst it has been available in tackle stores what had always put me off is the seemingly high cost tungsten carries.

What is Tungsten and Lead?

Have a look at the wikipedia link to what is Tungsten here and what is Lead here.

The Top 3 Reasons to Use Tungsten

Depending on the expert you listen to the following are the top 3 reasons to use tungsten 

  1. Tungsten is eco-friendlier than lead.
  2. Tungsten is denser and more compact than lead apparently anything between 30-50% smaller than the lead comparisons. 
  3. Tungsten is believed to give you better feel because of its density.
The Tungsten Vs Lead Comparison
Tungsten is more compact and heavier

I have come to use tungsten by chance through the fishing company that I get to work with. Quantum has recently launched a new brand called 4Street Urban Fishing. You can check it out through this link. In this brand they have used 97% tungsten material for their weights. This includes split shot, bullet, cheburashka, shaky and round jig heads. 

Tungsten vs Lead Debate

In the Tungsten vs lead debate, these are the things that I do like As tungsten is denser and more compact, I think it makes my presentations neater. I do think that using tungsten gives me better feel. What I mean is when the tungsten weight comes into contact with anything, I do feel that it translates well through the line to the rod. Obviously much better when using braid. 

The Cost of Tungsten

The one drawback which I think does hold a lot of anglers back is the cost. Whilst I think the costs have come down dramatically over the years. Losing a tungsten weight is that much more painful. When it could be as much as 10 times the cost of losing a lead weight. These days I take comfort in the fact that tungsten will damage the environment less than the cheaper lead weights. 

In summary, I think that yes Tungsten for its price will give you small advantages on the water. Would I love the cost to be comparative with lead? Yes. But then that’s like saying you want a Mercedes for the price of a Nissan. The decision to buy tungsten vs lead comes down to each individual angler and what their own circumstances are. I would definitely recommend all anglers giving tungsten a try at some point to make your own minds up. Having experienced using it I now personally prefer tungsten over lead but will use a combination of both depending on the application I need. Where finesse is important tungsten wins hands down for me.

Thanks for reading. I hope there was some value in this for you. I would love to hear your views on tungsten vs lead in the comments below or you can contact me HERE or on one of my social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter

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