4Street Dropshot Hooks – Initial Impressions

Dropshot fishing is probably my favorite wintertime fishing technique for perch. Here are my initial thoughts on the 4street Dropshot Hooks. 

I initially received these in January but only had the opportunity at the end of February to try them out. There are two styles of 4Street Dropshot Hooks currently available. The EWG offset for weedless presentations and a standard dropshot hook. 

Both these styles of hook will have their purpose in a given scenario. Here are my top two reasons for why you would use each. 

4Street Dropshot Hooks

The EWG offset STYLE 

  1. You want to keep your presentation as snag free as possible with the buried hook
  2. You want to fish a larger shad style lure.

The Standard Round Hook 

  1. You want to fish smaller lures 
  2. You want to fish with creature style lures 

Looking at the box 

These come well labeled in clever packaging that you could use to store your hooks. 

What makes these 4Street Dropshot hooks, drop shot hooks? 

Well there is a couple of features that really lend themselves to making these specialist dropshot hooks over your standard hooks. The extra-large soldered eye and the area of thick red material.

The XL Soldered Eye

The first thing I noticed on these hooks is the extra-large eye. For a long time, I have been used to having to battle with hooks that have too small an eye. Making it very difficult to tie the Palomar knot often having to upscale my hook or change my leader to accommodate. With these hooks I can assure you even at the smallest size you will have plenty of room to tie what ever knot you want. The eye is also soldered close so there is no area that even your lightest of leaders can escape or get damaged.

The Red Stuff 

On both styles of hook, you will find an area of thicker red material that has been ideally placed to ensure your lure does not slip the presentation. This is something that frustrates every angler who has found that hot spot. Makes a catch and then can’t get another bite only to find when they reel in the lure has completely slipped the hook.  When I have more use of these, I will let you know if this works. 

Any downsides? 

The only thing I can see that may not be as appealing to anglers is the size variations. They only go down to a size #4. I can go as small as #10 when I am fishing on canals. You may also find that the gauge of thickness on these may not be as finesse as you would like.

The 4Street Dropshot hooks are sharp and have a couple of cool features that I think you will find very useful. Overall, my initial impressions of these hooks are really good, and I look forward to giving you an update once I have had chance to really put them to the test.   

4Street fishing is a brand of Quantum Fishing and it specifically caters for your urban fishing styles. In the 4Street range you will be able to completely kit yourself out. For either a trip to your local canal or lake. From rods and tackle storage to lures and specialist hooks. Why not have a look at the online catalogue where you can see the full range. 

I would appreciate any thoughts that you have on this please feel free to comment below or share on social media. 

Thanks again for reading. I look forward to my next blog update. 

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Find the 4Street dropshot hooks here

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