4 Street Hooks Designed For Your Success

Designed For Your Success

Earlier in the year I wrote about my initial views on the new 4Street hooks in this post.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to put them to the test and I can tell you these 4 Street hooks have been designed for your success. 

4 Street Drop Shot Hook

I have used the 4Street dropshot hooks well fishing the GUC in Milton Keynes. Catching lots of small perch and the occasional pike.  There are a couple features that I wrote about which stood out that created advantages for me.  Demonstrating that these 4 Street Hooks designed for your success. 

The welded eye is the biggest design success in my opinion. In the past when using other brand hooks down to a size 1. I have often found it difficult to use the size fluorocarbon I need. Often having to downsize the line to get the necessary loops through the eye. I was able to scale up my fluorocarbon with the 4 Street drop shot hooks. For example, I was using .35mm.  The size of the eye also made retying on the side of the water very easy. Even when there was wind. Although fishing the dropshot in wind is not what I would recommend.  The welded eye also ensured I had no problems with line knicks or slipages. Something you can get when using hooks that have eyes which have been bent into shape, leaving a gap. I had perfect round eyes designed to help me be more efficient and successful.  

The red stuff. It’s not the first time I have seen hooks with a coating where you place the lure, but it is the first time I have used it. Particularly on the dropshot hooks when nose hooking a lure It certainly did make a different to the lure retention. When using the same lure catching multiple perch. I noticed I did not lose as many lures in comparison to when using a straight hook. I did notice that when I first hooked a lure onto the red stuff it did not have as much freedom. So, a few extra twists helped free it up. 

Recommendation – When hooking your lure onto the red stuff for the first time give it a few twists. This will ensure the lure retains its freedom. 

These 4 Street dropshot hooks are sharp and they will be in my tackle box for years to come. The two sizes I used the most is the number 1 and 4.

One thing. I do hope that the team at Quantum will be able to manufacturer smaller sizes down to a size 10 or 12. I regularly use these smaller sizes when fishing on canals as I know many anglers do. 

The 4 Street Dropshot Hook comes in 3 sizes number 1,4 and 2/0 

4 Street Offset Hook 

Straight off I am going to say these hooks are simply brilliant. I really enjoyed using these when catching pike, perch, and zander.  I used these on Texas, Carolina, Cheburashka and dropshot fishing. 

For me they were outstanding on the Cheb rig. I just love the way they feel.  I think it’s because of the extra-large welded eye. This gives the hook and lure maximum freedom of movement. When dragged across the bottom of grand union canal or jigged across Grafham water.  There is no doubt these are sharp with a good bard to keep those zander pinned.

I will admit that the red stuff was not as important on these offset hooks as it is on the dropshot hooks. The bigger size 1/0 hook gave more difficulty to use on the cheb rig because of the XL welded eye. IT is so big it sometimes effects the connection coming through the weight. I would not recommend using the 2/0 and 3/0 hooks on the 4 Street cheb rig as they do  not fit easily. 

I would class these hooks as heavy duty hooks as they certainly have a thicker set than other brand hooks I have used. They are not finesse hooks in my opinion.

The 4 Street offset hooks come in 5 sizes 4, 2, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0

In Summary

These 4 Street hooks have some features that are unique in comparison to other similar hooks. These features do mean that the 4 street hooks designed for your success. Thanks for reading I hope you find my review useful. If you would like to purchase these here are a few good places I know sell them. 

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