4Street Craw My First Impressions

Creature bait fishing is a popular way to target all sorts of predator fish.  Here is the 4Street Craw my first impressions.

The Craw is a new addition to the range of lures on offer from 4Steet for 2022. These are the specifications and features.

  • 6 x Color patterns
  • 10 cm length
  • UV Active 
  • Eco friendly material
  • Floating pinchers

Having the 4Street Craw in hand there are a few details that stand out to me.

The Pinchers

The wide pinchers have a couple unique design features. Firstly, on either side of both pinchers there is a spheroid shaped group of appendages. These serve for a couple of purposes. They trap air that makes the pinchers more buoyant, and they can be used to load up your favorite scents.  Both pinchers have protruding paddles on the end. These ensure pincers catch the water and create the kicking motion the fish just can’t ignore. The most similar thing I can think of is the Rage tale from Strike King.

The Belly

When I look at the belly of the 4Street craw there is an area of the body that has been split and trimmed. This serves a few purposes. This feature creates enhanced movement in the body of the lure. I believe this can be used as a good place for your favorite scents, and it could trap air for better buoyancy.

The Tail

The tail end has approximately 2 cm of sliced material that I think has a couple benefits. Firstly, it will help slow down the sink rate of the lure if you are fishing with a light weight. Secondly, when jigging the lure along the bottom the skirt will go some way covering any weight you have to give it more finesse.

4Street Craw My First Impressions

I am very excited for the addition of this lure to the range. The first time I used one of these I was exploring a new narrow stretch of river. I had a Firetiger craw paired with a Quantum skirted Jig in the matching pattern.  On the second cast I had a chub nail the bait on the drop. That’s all the proof I need that this works. The pincers have a straight up mean action. They kick like hell on the drop and when reeling in.

When should you use a 4Street Craw?

This lure is incredibly versatile. You could use these all year round. Bouncing them of the bottom in the colder months and swim them past cover in spring and summer. You can really play around with the different rigging methods to suite the situation.

How can you rig the 4Street Craw?

Texas rig, Carolina rig, Cheb rig, Weightless, Ball Jig head and my favorite as a trailer on a skirted jig.

In Summary

The 4Street Craw does draw in the fish with its kicking and floating pincers. There is plenty of color patterns to suit most situations and the lure is extremely versatile. As I use these more around Milton Keynes waterways, I will keep you updated with my progress. The 4Street Craw my initial impressions are positive.

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