The Best Rod of 2019 The 4Street ThinKing

The Best Rod of 2019 Quantum 4Street ThinKing

Hands down the best rod of 2019 for me has been the 4Street ThinKing by Quantum.

Before I get into the reasons why I need to give you a disclaimer. I am a team angler with Quantum which means that ninety-five percent of the fishing tackle I use is by them. 4Street is a new brand by Quantum launched in early 2019 specifically for the urban lure angler. I am not comparing this rod with any other branded rods in the marketplace this is my personal opinion based on the rods I have used in 2019 which have all been from Quantum. 

An Introduction to the best rod of 2019

The 4Street ThinKing was developed using the highest quality materials to cater specifically for the Urban lure angler. These anglers are seen as been very mobile often fishing city center waters such as canals and small rivers. They can also be stereotyped as being more fashion conscious than your traditional bankside lure angler. With this sort of angler in mind the rods characteristics have been created. Easy to transport as a two piece rod its camphor wood handle and blue windings are eye catching and will create a conversation. 

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4Street ThinKing the Specs  

Introduced as the flagship rod of the 4Street range of rods. This is a two-section rod with a length of 2.06m or 6.7ft. The thin fast action 40-ton carbon blank is rated for 5-18g casting and carries the highest quality Fuji rings and reel seat. The Camphor wood handle has been shaped specifically to fit in the ball of your hand. Overall the rod weighs 118g. It has a RRP of £249 but you should be able to get a much better deal in the region of £200 -£215 when buying.

4Street ThinKing The Marmite Rod 

Not often have I come across a rod that has been this marmite. I say marmite because it’s one you either like or don’t like because of its looks. There is no escaping the dark camphor wood grip. Having discussed the rod at length with a number of anglers during the course of the year I think it’s a fair statement to make. 

Why is the 4Street ThinKing the best rod of 2019? 

Fortunately for me I have found this marmite looking rod to be particularly attractive. A step away from the traditional cork and EVA grip makes this rod unique at this point in time.  Whilst it’s not the first time I have seen wood moulded handles It feels right. 

Having used this rod for the majority of the year under different scenarios it has stood out as a great all-round rod. That’s the reason I am giving It the title of the best rod of 2019. The combination of the length, light weight and impressive action, has allowed me to be versatile.

Initially I started using this rod fishing the GUC in and around Milton Keynes and Northampton. Casting 5-10g chatterbaits and shad style baits on 2-5g jigheads. The sensitivity of this rod really helped me detect those soft takes from Zander and delicate plucks from perch. 

Most surprising for me and despite the fast action of the rod. I found it was soft enough to cushion those mean takes from river chub whilst crankbait fishing. There is also plenty enough backbone for bigger fish. I had up to 12lb pike handled on this rod no problem. 

You can have a look at how the rod handled in a couple of my you tube videos. This is the best one showing the action whilst crankbait fishing for chub.

The best rod of 2019 does have one niggle for me 

Yes it’s not an absolutely perfect rod because I do have the one niggle. Whilst making underhanded flicks in confined spaces. Such as under overhanging trees on a riverbank on occasion my line would wrap around the top eye of the rod. Whilst I am not 100% convinced that it is totally down to the design of the rod and it is probably my technique too. On closer inspection I can see how a very thin braided line can get caught for an instant on the top guide causing a loop over. Whilst it is annoying at the time this really is a very small niggle as it only happened a handful of times. 

In Summary 

This rod and its characteristics have given me a lot of joy in 2019. Not only is it an attractive rod in my eyes but it has been a very versatile rod. This has meant that I have been able to use it the most throughout the year and it gains my title for the best rod of 2019. 

Thanks for reading this far, I am interested to hear what your favorite rod in 2019 was so drop a comment below with what it was and why it was your rod of the year. 

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