Chub Fishing with Crankbaits

Chub Fishing with Crankbaits

I have really enjoyed Chub Fishing with Crankbaits over the last couple of months. As we come to the end of August, I will be putting down my chub tackle to reflect on what I have learnt. 

Up until 2018 I had never really targeted chub. I think I may have caught two chub previously. Once accidently a nice 3lb chub with a spinnerbait whilst fishing for perch. The only other chub I caught was whilst fishing a leg of the British Lure Angling championship when I targeted the chub by skipping a zoom fluke over weed beds. 

It was my uncles’ efforts with chub that inspired me to give chub fishing with crankbaits a go. I could not get over how successful he had been. I lost count of the times he showed me pictures of the 6-4lb class chub he caught using crankbaits.  So one fine morning in late summer 2018 my uncle once again gave me an education in fishing whilst showing me how he had been successfully chub fishing with crankbaits. It was this education that has given me success in 2019. 

Top Tips for chub fishing with crankbaits 

These are my top tips to help improve your chances of catching chub on a crankbait on rivers. I do need to state that this is just what has worked for me this is by no means expert advice. I’m just a lure fishing learner sharing the top tips that have helped me be more successful. You will probably find similar if not the exact tips elswhere. 

What time of year to go chub fishing with crankbaits? 

I would recommend spring just before the river season closes and then all of summer into early autumn when the rivers open again. Why? Because I have found that Chub are most likely to chase down a crankbait when it is warmer. After mid September I have exactly zero chub bites on a crankbait. They must just be more active like most predator fish during these times of the year.

What structure to look for when chub fishing with crankbaits on small rivers? 

Look for areas where there is flowing water and pinch points where chub can hide behind cover to ambush passing prey in the current. Most of my successful captures have come when I cast my crankbaits up stream and let it drift past a likely ambush area before I start my retrieve. They have struck shortly after I have started my retrieve. 

The areas to target when chub fishing with crank baits
Look for over hangs and pinch points in the river

What type of crankbaits to use when chub fishing with crankbaits? 

Here is a tongue twister that may help you remember “chubby crankbaits catch chubby chub” Basically I have found that smaller, stubbier, fatter crankbaits of running depth about 1-2 foot tend to attract my bites.  I would also say that a more natural color and pattern work better. 

What type of rod and reel to use when chub fishing with crankbaits? 

I would recommend a shorter rod of about 6-7foot with a softer action to cushion the often savage bites. I say shorter rod because in confined spaces this will help put you in better control of your casts. Casting accuracy is everything when targeting pinch points in confined areas where typical overhead casts would be impossible.  A small to medium spinning reel between 15-30 size loaded with 10lb-15lb braid, and as light a wire leader and snap you can get away with. I say use braid because it will help keep chub away from snags. I say a wire leader because I really don’t want you to lose a crankbait full of trebles to a pike. 

What to use when chub fishing with crank baits
Being in control of your casts and presentation is important

They lay in wait behind cover for prey to pass in the river flow and that’s why chubby crankbaits catch chubby chub in warmer weather. 

I sincerely hope that you may have found just one tip that will help you be more successful in your endeavor to catch chub with crankbaits.  Please do feel free to share your thoughts on this and share anything you feel may help another angler.  Here is a short YouTube video I made of some of my captures in 2019. Thanks for reading. 

Some video footage of my recent captures

If you would like to find out more about lure fishing for chub or just lure fishing in general in the UK why not visit the LAS – Lure Anglers Society website. There is fantastic information available through their forum and is worth having a look. 

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