The Best Zander Lure for fishing Canals in 2019


This has come about through total fluke. The best zander lure for fishing canals in 2019 for me has been the Quantum 4Street B-ass Wag in Whity pattern. 

The Origin of the Best Zander Lure for fishing Canals

Back in April/May of this year a new Quantum brand was launched. 4Street the brand for the urban angler. You can read more about this on my 4Street Urban Fishing by Quantum blog. One of the soft baits they introduced was the B-Ass Wag or as I call it the Wag worm. This is a bait similar to a traditional ribbon tail worm with a few modern twists. An ecofriendly, salt and special attractant loaded material. It has a collar and weighted tail design that creates a sultry action that predator fish cannot ignore even when fished really slowly. This is a total perch magnet! Or so says the marketing description. 

Going after Perch but getting Zander

Having ordered and received the chartreuse and whity patterns I wanted to see if the lure matched the description and headed to my local stretch of GUC. I had perch in mind when I initially rigging one of these to a 3gram 1/0 round jig head. I went to work searching out my stripey friends. My initial reaction to admiring the action of the ribbon/twister tail as I worked it slowly across the hot spots was very positive. It really does have what I would consider an attractive action for predator fish. I hooked up on several canal Zander that day even though I was targeting Perch in my well-known Perch spots.

The 4street B-Ass Wag is really versatile 

Over the months I have been able to test several different ways of rigging the Wag worm. They have all been effective in attracting Zander, Perch and Pike but hands down it has been the best zander lure for fishing canals. The Whity pattern in particular. I think it’s because it stands out in dirty canal water. I would recommend the simple round jig head rigging system as it is what I used the most.

Rigging the 4Street B-ass Wag 

4 ways to rig the Quantum 4Street B-ass Wag

The best tackle for fishing the 4street B-ass Wag 

Rigging the 4Street B-ass Wag is one thing but just as important, if not more important is the tackle you use to fish it. There is no use having this system rigged on a soft slow action rod with standard mono line. You simply won’t get as many positive hook ups. I recommend using a fast or extra fast action rod. Something similar to the Quantum 4Street ThinKing rated 5-18g casting and 40 ton carbon blank. It has a sensitive tip with plenty of backbone for driving that hook home. I also recommend using a braid because of the bite sensitivity you get with finicky Zander. The reel I don’t think matters as much as long as it works. I use a size 20 reel in case you were wondering.  

The Quantum Catalogue for 2020 has all the spcifications

The best retrieve methods for fishing the 4street B-ass Wag 

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that the classic ‘spin stop’ method just works. This lure will work on a straight retrieve, dragged across the bottom or fished vertically on a dropshot.  

In summary for the best Zander Lure for fishing canals 

The 4street B-ass Wag or Wag worm is my favorite Zander lure when fishing canals because, it consistently catches, Its cheap, its versatile and it’s something other than a shad or paddle tale style bait. Seriously I would recommend giving it a try. 

Where can I buy the 4street B-ass Wag online from 

These are the stores that I am aware sell the Wag worm. There will be others out there.

Bobco Tackle

Thanks for reading this let me know if you get a chance to try these what you think. You can get in contact through one of my social media links below. Or simply add a comment below.

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