Support The Team England Lure Squad Update

Support The Team England Lure Squad Update

Team England Lure Squad Trials


This is a Support Team England Lure Squad update, recently speaking to a member of the squad it had been mentioned to me that the best way now to support your team is either by making a donation directly to them via the contact details on their website here. Or if you are a keen angler yourself why not enter yourself for a fishing competition they are hosting on the 9th of August called Zandermania  details on their Facebook  page can be found here.

In my previous post I mentioned you could enter via their pledge page however this has now been taken down. From what I understand preparations are well underway and the team are raring to go for the World Champs in October. Below is a quick reminder of why they need your support.

So why do they need support you ask? Well simply at the moment the anglers are going to be funding themselves including all the travel accommodation and tackle to compete in the event, from conversations with team members it sounds as though this is going to be in excess of £2500.oo each. It would be great to see more funding come in from the local Angling authorities but there is just not enough to go around for all the representing national teams and as this is one of the newest national angling teams they fall farther down the list. We need to support our guys as much as possible so that they can represent our country with pride and deliver home the best results possible and demonstrate that the anglers in the UK are some of the best in the world. Thats why your nation needs you to Support The Team England Lure Squad.

You can follow The Team England Lure Squad Facebook page by clicking here