First Fish of 2019


Well 2018 certainly came and went in the blink of an eye. It is not even half way through January, and I have already had my First Fish of 2019.

It’s that time of year again where I have finished reminiscing about the past year. Thought about what I want this year. I have to tell you, I made myself laugh out loud recently. Reading some of my past posts where I talk about what I want to achieve in that year. I certainly have never been lacking in the ambition department I can tell you that. 

There is talk of multiple 20lbr Pike captures, 3lb and 4lb perch captures. The one that got me the most was my ambition to fish in an American Bass fishing tournament like the FLW. How does that saying go? “shoot for the moon even if you miss….” 

A few years later, possibly a little wiser and certainly not as ambitions, at least when it comes to the fishing goals. I now set my aims around enjoyment and learning new things. I have learnt that the fish will come when it’s my time and that enjoying the process of learning fishing is the sweet spot. 

New years resolution

So, for 2019 I plan to enjoy my fishing more than ever. Go fishing as much as my responsibilities will allow. Fish with as many people as possible and learn as much as I can. Just beautiful! 

I am pleased to report that I have already had my first fish of 2019.

On my first trip of 2019

I travelled a small stretch of my local river. I was really not expecting a lot from it. The river has been performing so poorly over the last year or two. I have heard many anglers blaming a family of otters that had moved into the stretch for the poor fishing. I don’t know what the reason is, all I hope is that this is just a natural cycle and the stretch will once again start producing. After all it is the home of many firsts for me. My first double figure pike, my first 3lb perch and my first chub to name a few.

Having prepared mentally for a grind but hoping for the best. I went about my business making casts and moving spots. I dropshot, jigged and jerked in several spots with no joy. After about an hour I found myself fishing underneath a bridge.  Casting one of my new Quantum Manns 8cm Q Paddlers in salt n’ pepper pattern I hooked and landed my first fish of 2019. A lovely plump 25cm Perch which I quickly measured, photographed and returned to the water with thanks. For the remaining couple of hours that I fished, I never had another bite. 


Evening Bite

Pleased that my year had not started with a blank I wanted to try the evening bite. On the same stretch of river. I dropshot, jigged and jerked a froth for about half an hour before my first fish. Just as the sun was setting and it was starting to get a little too dark for my comfort. I had a small pike something my fishing buddies call a “pikelet”. This was followed by another two pikelet’s in as many casts. 

Having not blanked so far and had my first fish of 2019. I would say I am off to a great start. Another thing that I am really pleased with is the rod and reel set up that I have been using for about 6 months now. 

New to the Quantum range

2018 saw the introduction of the Vapor series of rods and reels. In the Vapor Detector Micro Jigging range, I have two versions. I have the 2.10m (6,8ft) 2 piece up to 7gram casting in the spinning and bait casting version. I have paired the spinning rod with the Vapor VP15XPT reel. It comes as a 5,7.1 gear ratio has a lovely drag system suitable for big or small fish and it comes with a rubber braid band on the spool as standard. 

The 2019 Quantum catalogue

The spinning combination has been really fun to use whilst I get used to ultra light (UL) fishing. The rod is super sensitive with plenty of backbone and comfortably casts jigs up to 5g. The reel is what you would expect from a mid – high end spinning reel. 


I am not as comfortable with the baitcasting set up. I have just not been able not get the balance right. Its currently paired with the Quantum Tour MG baitcasting reel, which is currently one of the lightest (151gram) stock BC reels in the world. No Matter how much tuning I make to the reel it just does not feel right. I have started reading up about the best practice when using a light BC setup. Bait finesse style or system (BFS) is a term I have come across a lot recently. I believe it is the terminology used when classifying ultra light baitcasting setups. There is so much info on this that I will leave it to another day. 

For now I am pleased that I have had my first fish of 2019 and have been thoroughly enjoying my fishing. I hope you have been too. 

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